Posted: July 27 2020 (Updated)


We wish to reassure all our clients that Havilands are following strict industry guidelines with regards to safety measures being taken when carrying out property visits during the COVID-19 outbreak.
We can confirm that any member of staff visiting your property has not had any symptoms of COVID-19.

This web page will keep customers informed of what we are doing to keep customers and staff safe during the Covid 19 pandemic and beyond.  Any questions you have or if you wish to be informed of any changes, please email us, there is a link at the bottom of this page.

This following information applies to sales, lettings and property management.

Government Guidelines

We keep up daily with bulletins and advice from the government regarding recommended procedures.

Hygiene Procedures

We ask all parties to follow the same rules.
These are in place for valuations and viewings,

1. Questions

  • – We ask and record from all parties the following:
  • – Any recent travel (with dates) and quarantine requirements
  • – Have you/anyone in your household previously tested positive and have since recovered from COVID-19?
  • – Is anyone in your household displaying COVID-19 symptoms or not yet completed a required period of household self-isolation?
  • – Is there someone in the property that could be/is in the high-risk category? If so, we would recommend that they are not present at the property during our visit.

2. Preparing for Valuations & Viewings

When preparing your property for viewings and valuations, please protect everyone by:

  • – Wearing a mask.
  • – Keeping windows and internal doors open wherever possible.
  • – Disinfecting door handles/handrails/lift controls or other ‘touch points’ before and after each visit.
  • – Opening the loft hatch and setting up the loft ladder.
  • – Turning the room lights on.
  • – If possible, leave the property during the visit for example, stay outside, or if it is not possible to leave the property, remain in one room. Otherwise, only have one adult present. Ideally wash hands before and after someone has visited and keep to social distancing measures at all times.
  • – Ensuring pets and children are not in the property, or stay in one room and move to another room when the visitor needs to see the room they are in.
  • – Sanitising any keys handed to our member of staff using hand sanitisers or passing via a disinfectant wipe.
  • – If applicable, please read the advice for vulnerable people or those shielding in the ‘Government advice on home moving during the covid-19 outbreak’  (
    – Sanitising Station: if you are expecting more than one or two viewings over a few days we ask home owners to set up a sanitising station inside the entrance of their property.  A small table with a push-nozzle sanitiser is recommended. Havilands can also supply this.

3. During Valuations & Viewings

Staff members and buyers/tenants are asked to not touch any surfaces or door handles.

Social Distancing & Face Coverings / Gloves

  • – We ask all parties to wear face coverings/masks
  • – Social distance up to 1.5m
  • – We do not suggest gloves

Hand washing and sanitiser

  • Our staff members always carry hand sanitiser to ensure our clients and staff sanitise hands pre-entering your property.

4. Post Valuations & Viewings

As we have minimised touching doors/handles and furniture during visits to a property we are not recommending any cleaning is required post visits.

In Our Office

We welcome you into our office as a safe and clean place.


  • – We limit the amount of non-staff members in the office to two
  • – To limit people automatically entering, there is a plastic screen at the entrance

Office Meetings with Customers

  • – We ask customers to social distance or wear face coverings when inside our office

Hand washing and sanitiser

  • – A hand sanitising station is in place at the entrance of our office
  • – Our staff, cleaners and anyone else entering the office are required to sanitise hands upon arriving

Social Distancing

  • – We ask customers to keep to social distancing rules.
  • – Staff members also social distance at all times.

Face Covering

  • – We ask customers to social distance or wear face coverings when inside our office.
  • – We ask any third-party (cleaners, IT, etc..) to wear face coverings at all times while in our office.
  • – We do not ask staff to wear face coverings within the office if there are no customers.